Cloud Computing in China

Cloud service providers are getting more and more popular these days because of the significant benefits they provides. People can store any important files and folders safely in such clouds. The data and information you keep on your computer isn’t 100% safe. If somehow your computer crashes or hard disk gets corrupted, then you might lose all those data and information on it.

A reliable and trusted cloud provider offers you a safe and secured platform, where you can store all these essential files and folders without having to worry about accidental deletion or theft. China is currently positioned 23rd among the top global markets concerning cloud services. Cloud computing services are becoming more and more widespread in nature. Many new services are popping up. Due to an increase in cloud popularity, the market is encountering highly intense competition. International cloud service providers, like for example Amazon, are often challenged by local laws and regulatory conditions. Hence finding a reliable and right provider can be a daunting task.

The cloud market in China is quite complex, with numerous old and new offerings serving the same thing. But when you have to choose one, you need to be very careful. Thus, to make it easier and simpler for you, here is the list of top 10 most popular and reliable Chinese internet cloud providers.


Chinese Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud service is one of the best and most reliable cloud providers. It is also known as Aliyun and was founded in the year 2009. Since then, it has come up a long way and become the world’s 4th largest web hosting provider as well. They provide free trial before you can go ahead and buy a package. Backing up your data and information is quite safe and secured with them. The Alibaba Cloud has Chinese as well as English websites. You can store and save unlimited data and objects with the Alibaba Cloud’s managed storage.

It provides a wide range of services like security manager, elastic computing, container service, networking along with management and monitoring. They also provide a CDN, which can speed up the process of file distribution to end-users. You can store your data in the cloud. This provides good backup storage space for your personal files, which might include photos, videos or any important documents.


Chinese Kingsoft Cloud

KS Cloud is another reliable and great cloud service provider in China. This cloud company was founded in 2012. Though it is relatively new, it has several amazing features. It is mainly popular for its multi-platform WPS office and other office products. This service is only available in China at this moment. You can download it for getting the best cloud service.

You can enjoy a wide range of cloud services that include elastic physical cloud, elastic computing service, networking solutions, database, big data analysis, storage and content delivery and cloud security service. The security service is surely the most important criteria when it comes to a cloud storage service. This is quite reliable and many users are quite satisfied with their features and safety.


Chinese UCloud Logo

Another renowned and popular Chinese cloud provider is UCloud. Being founded in the year 2011, it provides some amazing and great services. It is one of the best choices for domestic users, as well as for commercial purposes. It is being used by several people all over China because of its extreme reliability and security. It has a very strict security policy which makes your stored data and information completely safe in the clouds. It not only provides great reliability but also comes with a dedicated physical service. Some of the best services provided by this internet cloud providers are networking, database storage, big data analysis, CDN and exclusive security services.

You can enjoy high performance with this service at quite a low cost. It also comes with different models so that it can meet the different demands of the target businesses. Efficient processing performance makes it quite efficient and popular. It has incorporated artificial intelligence technology, which makes the functions much easier and convenient for you.


Chinese Tencent Cloud

You probably have heard of the company Tencent, as it is one of the world’s most popular gaming companies. It is also a great and highly efficient cloud service provider, providing a wide range of services. It has some excellent features and many users are very happy with this. They have a very strict and effective security service, which is quite helpful for keeping your data and information safe and secured in the cloud.

This cloud service is quite popular in US and Singapore, besides Hong Kong. It provides computing and networking services along with good storage space. It also provides AI solutions for more efficiency. You will also get CDN facilities and big data analysis along with management and monitoring. It also comes with cloud security features and great defence solutions to ensure that your data stored in the cloud is 100% safe.


Chinese Meituan Open Services Cloud

Metiuan Open Services, is another cloud service provider in China. Originally, they gained immense popularity due to their food delivery services. In the meanwhile, they have made a strong portfolio in cloud business as well. They have definitely worked hard and come up a long way, where at the moment, people consider it as one of the best and most reliable cloud services. Unfortunately, there services are currently only available in China. It provides some amazing features at very competitive price ratings. You get a quite lot of facilities in return of paying a low monthly fee.

The best feature about this cloud service is that it provides a 24×7 customer service. You will be able to get expert customer service for any of your problems. It is a secure and reliable cloud service, where you can store a lot of your personal files. It provides high performance with great reliability. A secure and efficient infrastructure provides high-quality services on top of it.


Chinese Qing Cloud

If you are looking for a more flexible, yet highly efficient cloud service, then Qing Cloud is one of the best providers. This service was launched in 2013, providing highly flexible laaS based services. You can enjoy great features and high security at a very reasonable price. With the help of this cloud provider, one can share and download files from the cloud very easily. It is a perfect place for storing your essential data. You can configure your account to increase the security, as well as you can enhance many other features along with that.

It provides flexible services and scalable computing for your images and other files. It also provides advanced storage services which will help you to store several files and get more advanced features. It comes with elastic IP and load balancing networking features. Even the big data services will help you to get the best out of it. Security features offered are, among others, firewall and SSL.


Chinese Huawei Enterprise Cloud

If you are looking for a popular and reliable cloud provider, then Huawei is one of the biggest and best ones. Huawei is actually a popular telecommunication equipment manufacturer and also a smartphone manufacturer. But it has a cloud service as well, which is quite efficient and highly reliable. It offers GPU accelerated cloud servers, ideally for providing real-time results.

One of the most important features of this service is the elastic cloud server. It provides great flexibility along with high reliability and security. You can enjoy excellent performance with great efficiency. It is popular for it’s open source database offerings. You can also build a private and isolated virtual network for your own privacy in the cloud. You can store large files as well as backup all the essential data here.


Chinese NetEase CLoud

This is probably one of the oldest internet companies in China, which was founded in 1997. The major role of NetEase was the development of online service. It is an internet technology company with very efficient cloud services. It is a highly reliable online storage service for both commercial as well as domestic purposes. It provides great speed and some amazing features. You can also have a free experience of this cloud service, where you do not have to pay anything.

The NetEase Cloud service provides a secure, stable, easy to use and scalable cloud service. It performs efficiently and is also very reliable in nature. The best part is the security of their services. They take their security policy very seriously. You will get an efficient spam filters to keep the spams away. Also, with proper detection methods, your contents will remain safe and secured. It has an exclusive resource pool with improved utilisation and great performance stability.


Chinese Western Digital Cloud

Western Digital is one of the most efficient one-stop shops for all web businesses. This company offers extensive services and features. Being present in the market for more than 15 years, they understand and know the needs and requirements of their clients quite well. They offer 3 types of cloud services – entry cloud server, standard cloud server and business cloud server. It was established in 2002 and ever since it is providing stable and efficient online services at competitive rates.

It comes with high security features for your cloud services. You can enjoy high safety and security, while uploading and storing your files and data online. They also provide flexible cloud solutions, so that it can match with your needs and requirements perfectly. It comes with highly significant and reliable features that not only help you to store data on the cloud, but also help you to keep them safe.


China E Cloud Cloud

One of the most reputed and reliable telecom cloud computing service providers of China is E Cloud. Founded in 2012, it is one of the biggest names in the cloud service market, offering highly trustworthy and flexible cloud computing features. If you want to find a low cost, yet high quality cloud service with unlimited storage, then this is the one. It has some very interesting and helpful features that you will surely love.

It provides you with a perfect base for storing and backing up your essential data. It has some amazing features like multi-copy data real-time synchronisation and CDN content distribution. It provides a very fast and efficient cloud service with high quality storage space. Even when it comes to safety and security, E Cloud takes it very seriously. It offers an anti-DDoS traffic protection service, that can clear any potential attacks. It also comes with vulnerability scanning and web application firewall for proper safety of your data stored in the cloud.


All these cloud service provides of China are highly reliable and trustworthy. They provide great services and excellent features. When it comes to selecting the top 3 market leading cloud service providers from this list, NetEase Cloud Service, Alibaba and Tencent are your pick.

In this battle of supremacy, in terms of reliability, speed and storage facility, Alibaba Cloud service will definitely win it. It provides faster solutions to your problems related to cloud storage. It provides great storage options where you can store files of different sizes to keep them safe and secured.

Reported user statistics of Alibaba Cloud are higher than any other cloud service in China.

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